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Our Reason for Being:

Why create a Society?


For too long the development of conservative policies has been left to the province’s conservative political parties. Out of political necessity therefore that development process has been conducted in private. Also for the same political reasons their public policy positions have been vague and near-term in focus.

And while there are many fine conservative societies and groups that believe in freedom operating in Alberta – The Fraser Institute, Canadian Taxpayers Federation for example – none are focused on policy development.


Also, many conservatives  have excellent policy ideas and solutions that would expand freedom in Alberta but  in their final form and without supporting arguments they are politically unachievable.


And while there are many fine Societies in the United States, the United Kingdom and elsewhere that do provide freedom-expanding policy solutions they are often ill-fitted to the political and societal realities in Alberta

Thus we think there is need for a conservative policy and policy pathways group in Alberta that has no political affiliations:

Libertas Alberta.

In the coming days, months and years we will be working to expand freedom in Alberta.

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