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Our Story is about as grassroots as it gets.


As most readers will recall the political party that represented conservatives over decades became more and autocratic and drifted further and further away from conservative principles. 

This provided the fertile ground for the emergence of grassroots conservative party - the Wildrose. almost all of the founding members of Libertas Alberta were members of that party. 

In the early years of that party it truly was grassroots driven. But over just a few years the Wildrose Party in the opinion of many began the same drift as the Progressive Conservative Party had.

In response to this drift an ad hoc, loosely organized group known as The Central Committee was formed. And for a few years it acted as an outlet and gathering place for grassroot Conservative Albertans to discuss policy and other aspects of the political process. However it was destined to come into conflict with the Wildrose Party and due to its lack of structure and purpose it collapsed.

But lessons were learned.


And from those lessons and a desire to continue and grow the conservative policy development process, Libertas Alberta was created. It became a registered society in early 2019.

For more on our purpose, visit Our Mission page

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